About us

Heyo! 👋

I’m Maayuri, the heart and soul behind KALP. As the owner and founder, I've poured my passion for design into our line of distinctive stationery and paper goods. With over 6 years in the paper industry, my journey has been all about finding the perfect blend of quirk, minimalism, and independent design for our customers.

Creativity is my playground – whether I'm illustrating, bending into a yoga pose, capturing moments through photography, or sneaking in some dream time. 😊

Our Ethos:

Though KALP started with a strong commitment to being a zero-plastic company, our journey has evolved. Today, we continue to prioritize sustainability and conscious production practices, even as we grow and adapt.

We're not just about creating products; we're about making a statement – for the environment, our community, and the art of paper. We maintain close relationships with our suppliers to minimize our ecological footprint and make sure our beautiful products come with peace of mind.

All our papers are FSC or PEFC certified, which means they're sourced from forests that are managed with the highest environmental, social, and economic standards in mind. It's paper you can feel good about, from forests that are looked after for future generations.

Dive Into Our World:

Why wait? Explore our collection and find pieces that let your individuality shine. Let's make every note, every scribble, and every plan a step towards a more sustainable, stylish, and mindful life.

Start your KALP journey today and let's create a future that's designed to last!