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  • Lakshminarayanan

    Amazing quality, nice packaging & it is different from the usual boring regular diaries. The fonts used are funky & sporty, yet the pages looks professional (100 gsm & more space for writing). Maayuri was kind enough to respond to queries too.

  • Swasti

    From the packing to that little flower just loved it all and your cute card..

    I opened it and the quality of notebook is just fabulous. I guess the cover is not made up of only paper.. It's something else.. It's amazing.. It has rubberized non-tearable texture.
    I just loved it ❤ And yes definitely going to order other stuffs soon.

  • Vrinda

    Love is in the air | Namaste

    I loved the notebook! The cover design is super amazing! And the notebook has sooooooooo many pages!

    Hopes & Dreams

    For those calm, deep and lovely thoughts, this notebook is my perfect confidante!

    Beautiful collection!

  • Sakina

    After I opened the package, one can feel how much thought and love has been put into it.
    The address stamp, to the packaging, to that magic card, to the flower, to the notebooks... everything shows how much love has gone into it's making.

  • Amisha

    So amazing notebooks!! Love the packaging it was so aesthetic.🥳💙 Definitely ordering more stuff from you. Notebooks pages are so smooth and eco-friendly. I am in love with front painting design💫

    Customer care was very prompt and delivery was very fast!

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